The Realm Platform (both self-hosted and cloud) allows for easy integration with your existing backend whether that is databases, microservices, APIs, etc.  To do this, we offer two server-side SDKs (Node.JS and C# with .NET Core) which allow easy programmatic access to all of your Realm Platform data.  We find that most developers use our global notifier to relay updates in ROS out to various backend components (like REST APIs).  If you're looking for low-level access to the entire instruction set generated by the Realm Platform, you can use our data connector API.  We also have two pre-built data connectors (MSSQL and Postgres) which facilitate bidirectional data synchronization out of the box.  

Not an expert in Node.JS or C#?  No worries, use our GraphQL adapter to retrieve data from the Realm Platform as if it is a REST API.