General Information (always required): 

  • Versions: Server, Client(s), Operating System 
  • Deployment: Single node (most common) or enterprise cluster 
  • Logs (debug or trace level) -- the higher the better though it is not advised to keep trace level enabled for long periods.  Provide a timestamp in the logs as well if possible 
  • Context -- What is the behavior?  What was happening when the issue occurred?  Are you able to reproduce?  (If possible, can you provide a reproduction case?) 

Installation Errors: 

  • Identify: NPM install error -- fairly trivial 
  • Gather: 
    • Versions: NPM, Node 
    • Logs: Installer logs (typically location is given in the error message) 
    • How are they trying to install?  NPM (manual install), curl script, etc.  Provide the exact steps 

Unresponsiveness / Crash / Performance Concerns: 

  • Identify: 
    • Typically the user will indicate this in their ticket.  Resource consumption (CPU spike) can also indicate unresponsiveness.  Error messages that indicate things like "service unavailable" , etc 
    • Which is it?  
      • Crashing = server process stopping with error.  Unresponsiveness = hanging (often times no error) 
  • Gather 
    • What type of sync is being used?  (full or query-based) 
    • What are the machine resources?  (CPU, memory, etc) 
    • How often is this happening?  (as much context as possible) 
    • Approx how many connected clients? 

Bad Changeset / Salt / Bad Sync Progress: 

ROS Won't start

  • Gather: 
    • How are they trying to run ROS?  (`npm start` after `ros init`, `ros start`, pm2, etc) 
    • What error are they receiving?  

Common Errors: