Start by learning if they are using sync.  If they are not and do not seem like a prospect (i.e. company email), we may not have bandwidth to support.  You can always encourage them to reach out on forums or to use stackoverflow.  

Local database support (or bug prioritization) is meant to be paid at this point.  

General Information (always required): 

  • Question, problem, bug or feature request?  
  • Versions: Client, Server (if using sync)
  • Tooling Versions: Xcode / Android Studio / ETC, OS Versions (mobile or desktop) 
  • Logs (debug or trace level) -- client side, server side (if using sync) 
  • Context -- What is the behavior?  What was happening when the issue occurred?  Are you able to reproduce?  
  • Code snippets (a repo with code that we can compile is best) 

Common Issues:  

(Links provided for swift, but should exist in other SDKs) 

Sync Errors: