Hosted ROS

General Information (always required): 

  • Instance URL 
  • Versions: Client, (Server is available internally)
  • Logs (debug or trace level) -- the higher the better though it is not advised to keep trace level enabled for long periods.  Provide a timestamp in the logs as well if possible 

Questions to Ask: 

  • What is the behavior?  What was happening when the issue occurred?  Are you able to reproduce?  (If possible, can you provide a reproduction case?)

Common Situations:

  • My instance is down!
    • Questions to ask: 
      • How did you determine your instance is down?  (i.e. can you connect through studio?) 
      • Is there a specific error message you receive?  
      • What time did you notice your instance being unavailable? 
    • What to do: 
      • If it is a confirmed outage: post in #-cloud-ugent-incident
      • Communicate with user immediately letting them know we are investigating 
      • Check logs -- tenant and sync worker [ADD INSTRUCTIONS OR LINKS WITH DETAILS]
  • Pricing / Cancel / Extend Trial: 
    • Defer to Ken Hodges / Sales 
  • Instance is not starting 


Cloud Portal 

General Information (always required): 

  • Bug or feature request? 


  • How can I view my storage consumption?  Coming soon to a cloud portal near you